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Hartland Psychology is a psychological practice based in London and East Anglia offering consultancy, therapy, training, supervisory and evaluation services across the health and justice sectors.



As part of our commitment to delivering a comprehensive and high quality service to our clients we are able to call on a range of experienced associates and have arrangements with specialist partners. We customise our approach depending upon your needs. Please check here for new partnership announcements.


Hartland Psychology is pleased to announce its partnership with the Centre for Rational and Cognitive Therapies. The Centre is an affiliated training centre of the Albert Ellis Institute and offers a range of on site trainings in the UK, US and Canada, delivered by senior, accredited professionals. These include its Rational Workplace Productivity Program, designed to improve staff wellbeing and performance in the work environment as well as REBT/CBT training and mentoring for health professionals looking to increase their skills and knowledge in this area. The Centre's staff are particularly known for their pioneering e-learning and online support products.


If you would like to learn more about what the Centre might offer your organisation then for UK enquiries, contact  Hartland Psychology.



Hartland Psychology Ltd. welcomes enquiries from associates in similar or related fields where commitment to delivering high quality interventions and services is a priority.




Hartland Psychology has experience of working with a range of television, radio and print media organisations on subjects relating to psychology and human functioning and well as production companies involved in the development of professional training products and electronic learning.

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